My Story of Activism in Ukraine, War and Evacuation — a talk by Bozehna Makovska (Apr 30)

A talk by Ukrainian feminist about activism, war and evacuation. 
+ Catering: sweet and savoury snacks, coffee and tea. 

Spend the Mayday eve with us in Lymy and show solidarity with Ukraine!

Bozhena Makovska is an activist and founder of the independent media “Feminists of Kyiv”. After Russia invaded Ukraine, Bozhena got stuck in Kyiv Oblast, between Borodianka and Bucha. She managed to escape, moved to the west, and then relocated to Helsinki. On this Saturday Bozhena would present “Feminists of Kyiv” project, tell about her activism, and the local community. She would also share her story of evacuating from a war zone. 

All the profits of the event will be donated to an anti-authoritarian volunteer group Operation Solidarity ( You could also support Bozhena and other members of Feminists of Kyiv team, who stayed in Ukraine, via PayPal (

Come to Lymy, have a coffee and bun, support Ukrainian activists!

Language of the event will be English. Translation ENG-FIN is available.

📸: Dmytro Chaika